world shoot bali 2008

Statement / of the world shoot and Bali

First I like to thanks all the shooter there came on stage 19 and 20 you all did a good behavior. My own performance was not so good well I told myself before I came to Bali if I will come in top 200 that’s good for me and I did that I end up as number 199 with 50.15% but it still not good, and if I have to do this better I have to practice more and I will do that.

About the range

The range was very big and how they put up the stage was nice, the shooter have to shoot one area each day there was 6 areas with 6 stages. But the berm on each stage was not enough high, there was so many ricochet that was really bad and little dangerous to have the berm so low. But otherwise the range was nice and thanks to stats for let us come in to cool us down when we need it. It was very had to stay out in so many hours in the hot sun, but also fun, I will do it again.

Range Master Chepit

It was nice to have a range master like you, relaxed and easy to work with you and I  hope to work with you again.

Pilipino shooter

Nice to see you all again and nice to work for you, special thanks to Mary Grace Tan, Ronal Tan and his team True wait and Kenneth Ray Agustin the junior shooter I have been knowing since he start shooting.

My room buddy Gert

We had lots of fun you snore and I coughing for 3 weeks and we also did break wind quit often :)) I hope we can do it again.

3 IROA from Netherlands

David, Cees and Adrie

Nice to work with you and hope to see you around.

Pilino IROA

I just love you all see you in the Philippines.


Very nice place I will come back one day and I will bay things for my house, I went to many places, rice terrace, volcano, temple, Turtle Island, etc.

We are millionaire

Gert and i is now millionaire here is little more than 2,8 million

Day 1 October 17 - 18

Gert Hansen and I left Copenhagen airport 14:35 and arrive 10 hours later in Bangkok. We meet Rita from South Africa, they call her 11 days ago and ask her to come down for stats. After few hours in Bangkok airport another 4 hours and we arrive in beautiful Denpensar Bali Indonesia. We are now resting in our hotel Kuta Paradiso. The time is now 9 pm and we have just been out eating a very nice dinner, and now ready for a good night sleep, more again tomorrow.

The Presidens table

The table of the big boss after the IROA meeting

Day 2

After we had a nice breakfast we went to the IPSC headquarters Discovery Kartika Hotel,and find out it was only Gert there can make the registration today, the range official have to wait until tomorrow morning. After Gert he register we run in to Vince Pinto, and I ask him if we going to meet on the range tomorrow 7am that’s what I understand true the website all range official have to do, but no we going to have the briefing tomorrow night at the hotel 6pm, so it means I have 2 days more where I can see more of Bali I hope. We run also in to Geir Owe and Gunner Ross from Norway and then we spend the rest of the day with them, we went down to beach to watch the 1th Asian beach game there start yesterday, and I tell you there is lots of people there, so after few drinks and a nice lunch time, to go home and rest, so more tomorrow.

IROA meeting

All the IROA

Day 3

This is my first world shoot ever, and it´s the biggest and the hottest world shoot ever, here is between 32 to 39 degrees and 80 to 95 humidity, and i´am a little nervous maybe that’s way I didn't have any sleep last night, so after a breakfast 8:30 am we went up for 2 hours sleep again, 14 pm we went to headquarter hotel, so I could make the registration, and get my payment, after that we just hang around for coffee. 18 pm I had the IROA meeting and a nice buffet afterwards.Tomorrow we have to go to the range and the we will take a trip around Bali before the prematch.


Tour de Bali

Rice terrace

Day 4

This night I got some sleep and wake up 8:20am, went down to get breakfast,because 9am the bus is leaving for the range, but but no no, we don’t need to go there we got told there is nothing to do there, and there is no food no water so just wait until tomorrow, I don’t fill good about this, so Gert and me we went for a tour, 10:30 am around 150 km from Kuta to Sanur where we so the mangrove swops, then to the capital of Bali Denpasar, then to the town Mas where we sow the famous wood carving, and that was after my opinion a tourist trap you sow 4 person making some very nice wood sculpture but only that then you could go the store and by some sculpture and I know after my trip to the Philippines were its cheap and here that was very expensively, well we by some small sculpture, after that we drive to Goa Gajah the elephant temple without the elephant, nice temple where we got a whole coconut to drink the 1 litter of coconut juice Gert he finish in 30 second so our tour guide Mr. Suwitra he got big eye. After the temple we went to a kind of coffee plantage where they make Bali coffee, we taste coffee, chocolate, ginseng tea, lemongrass tea, we sow vanilla tree, cocoa tree, sow how they make coffee, nice place, then we went to the town kintamani where the big volcano Mount Batur are, its 1717 meter sea level, then we eat our lunch in a big restaurant with the view of the volcano, then we went to rice terrace very very nice view where I got a hat make of coconut leaves, then went to a place calling Celuk where they have a Silver making, I never sow so much silver before ohh, then our last stop was a traditional Bali home, nice to see how they live, open kitchen, temple they houses, we found someone just died that was the grandmother of the house, so we went off quickly and went back to the hotel, we arrive 18:30 pm. And then I got the massage I’m on stage 19 on the main match a short stage with 9 rounds 4 targets and 1 popper. But now I will rest and get ready for the prematch tomorrow.


The first day of the prematch

Sonny day

Day 5

Today was the first day of the prematch, I wake up 4:45 am took my breakfast and then went to the bus 6 am we came to the big range 6:30, when I arrive I had to find my ammo and Ulrik Saxhøj came to the range as well looking for his ammo, and that was hard to find it took me 15 minute to find out its was the first and the biggest pallet in truck, well I got it and then I send Mats Bäckström a sms and told him all the ammo is here, he was so happy it was the best sms he got this year. Mats was our man to arrange all the ammo for all the shooter from Sweden, Norway and Denmark, big thanks to Mats good job. My first stage was stage 1 a long course and the first stage where I got a miss, I finish 6 stage before lunch and 6 after the lunch, to many D and some miss, and I tell you it’s hot on the range today around 36 degrees but little wind. I was back in the hotel 17:00 pm then I took few hours rest, then Gert and I went to the restaurant where we have been eating every night they have nice food here, after our dinner time to Massage ohhh that’s was good more than 1 hour for 155.000, so now we are back in the hotel resting for another prematch day have to wake up again 5 am.


hot hot

Me try not to cross the fault line

Day 6

Same like yesterday, up early and then to range, today we have to doo from stage 13 to stage 24. And today it went ok but still not good enough many D and some miss, we had one DQ in our squad it was Louis from the stats office, an AD. After I have been looking around there are lots of change on the stage start position, so don’t count what you see on the world shoot website ore in the book you will get here, for those shooter there is coming here. The RD from South Africa had lot of complain special and stage 3 and stage 14 where you have to shoot the first one week and the other one strong hand on your have to put your  wrist in to a lope and make it tight, so you are force to shoot the stage with one hand only, but it don’t say that in the briefing, so Dino have to explain it, but it was hard, and also about the revolver, 2 stage gun ready condition for pistol magazine inserted no chamber load, revolver total empty, one stage revolver its fully loaded, the other one empty, I told the RM and it will be change. And today it was another day in the hell of heat, I think we will have lots of shooter there well get overheating, so you really have to drink lots of water. I was back in the hotel around 17 pm sleep for few hours, get out and got my dinner with Gert and now to sleep again up early tomorrow for another hot day and the last 12 stages.



Day 7

Same like the other two days up early and hit to the range, I had to shoot from stage 25 to 36 the last stage. And it went ok, still not good enough I’m to slow and my front site is all over, if I have to be better in this game I really have to practice more and I will. Well it´s was still a very hot day, I finish 16 pm and went back to the hotel, where Gert told me many of the Dane arrive today so we are going to have dinner later, and heard our RD could not bring his gun here, he got problem in the airport, sorry for him. Tomorrow and Sunday is a rest day for me and tomorrow night we going to have an RO night, Sunday I going to help with the equipment check in two hotel, it will be good for me to learn more about that and production guns and how the shooter can cheat.

RO Philippines

Nice to see you all again

Day 8

Today is my day off and I could sleep long time, but wake up 9am Gert and I walk over to the head quarter hotel, on the registration area they had some store where you can buy some t-shirt and other souvenir, and I tell you in the hotel there was lots of people almost all shooter is here now, I got the pleasure to talk to the world Champion in Open division  Erik Grauffel and his father Gigi, they have been practice in the Philippines together with Emil Obriot from STI team. We went back to the hotel and have to meet Ulrik one of our shooter from Denmark. 6:30pm pm had to attend the RO night, we went to a Chinese restaurant, so the bus pick us up 18:30 and we went back again to the hotel 9pm. On the dinner we heard from the General Assembly the next world Shoot will be in Rhodes Greece.

Danish Team

The Danish team over 80 kg :0)

Day 9

Today is the big opening ceremony of the 15th World Shoot, but first I went to another hotel and our hotel to help with the pre check of production gun, there is so much to learn about what shooter will do with their guns. And 2:30 pm we have to catch our bus going to the capital city of Bali Denparsar for the big ceremony, when we arrive we had to wait for more than 1 hour before we start, there was around 1000 shooter from 54 country and 62 IROA for more than 30 country, Philippines was the biggest country with 155 shooter, and it was nice to see all the shooter I know, Mary Gras Tan, Kenneth Augustin, Jetro Denisio, Nilsson etc etc.After the ceremony we went back to the head quarter hotel, got some coffee and 7 pm then we went to a nice restaurant and got our dinner together with the other Dane, all in all again another hot day and now I have to be ready for 6 days hard working.

on your knees

Blake Miguez looking at Saul, should I do the same ummm

Day 10 and 11

I was ready to update my webpage today, and then my report was gone, so now it will be a short one, I have to go sleep. Yesterday was the first day of the world shoot, we have to be on the range 6:30am ready for the first squad at 7am, and I tell you the raining season is her now, wow so much rain in one hour, I was half hour late on my start, because I got a swinger problem, so almost we run late the whole day, we only got lunch for 10 minutes I got 11 squad and we finish 6 pm, I had many of my Philipino shooting friend nice to have them around.Today was a hot day and we was running our first squad 6:45 and we got one hour lunch, I got the squad from Saul Kirsch, one of the squad from Germany nice to them again. I heard from Gert, Lars Hage is shooting a good match so fare, sorry friend I hope to have a better report tomorrow I have to sleep now.

Kenneth Agustin

Kenneth focus now

Day 12

It was a good day, but still hot on the range, all the 6 days we have to work we have to do 6 squad before lunch and 6 after, and today I got some of the Dane Lars Hage, Gert Hansen, Peter Schieck and Ulrik Saxhøj, and they are doing ok. I also got the pleasure to have the junior shooter from Philippines Kenneth Agustin, as I have been telling before somewhere on my Ro report and match report, I have knows Kenneth for many years and have been following him almost from when he start shooting, now his 16 years old, and his doing very find, ok he got one miss on my stage. When I got back on my hotel it was time for a massage, I just want to get simple massage, so I went in to the place, got the massage, then they ask me if I want scrub massage I say yes, then after if I like my face treatment ok, and then when I have to pay, olaaa almost 900 thousand, and I told them you have to tell me the price before you doo a new treatment, so after I got it for 600 thousand, convert to Danish money it´s ok, I felt like a new person it was nice, but next time I more careful.


super squad

The super Squad with the world Champion Eric Grauffel

Day 13

Again up 4:15 am and on the range 6am, ready for the first squad 6:45, our first squad after lunch was the super Squad with the world Champion Eric Grauffel, so everybody RO and helper have to a good job and they did, I also got the squad with Travis Tomasie, the squad with Jetro Denisio, and the squad with Martin Kaminicheck, and final the squad with rest of the Dane Tim Andersen, Lars Thilqvist, KB Svensen and John Vestgaard. We finish again 5:45pm

Mary Grace Tan

Mary Grace is one of the best laidy shooter in the Philippines

Day 14

Today we had small squad, some with 10, 12, 14 and 15 shooter, so when it was time for lunch I was 1½ ahead of schedule, so I hoped we was able to come home early, but no I finish 17:30 like the other day. Again today it was a hot day on office. I got the squad with the Norwegian shooter, and I just heard Elisabeth is doing good, I also got more shooter from Philippines, I got one he got DQ in one stage, and if I don’t ask him if he got DQ, then he will continue shooting, so he got a serious talk with me. I also got the squad with my friends from Lithuania “double Betang mike academy” Am still have problem with my throat am cough a lot, and that is not so good. When I got home, we went out again short after to have dinner with Mats, Peter, Ulrik, hage and Gert, we went to a shrimp restaurant carling Forest Gump to much noise from children and noise kitchen staff, so after eating we run out of that place

grip your gun

a laidy shooter from Sri Lanka

Day 15

Today is the last day of the match, and it was a hot hot day when I got the 2 last squad I fill it was time to rest so it was nice it was the last day. Also today we was ahead of the schedule like 1½ hours, but start up again 12 just after lunch and finish around 4:30 pm so I got time to walk around and watch some of the other shooter. And then I took the first beer after 7 days and that fill good. I can see many of the RO is very tired and really need to rest, so I don’t think many of them is going to watch the shoot off. Later tonight I will go and get a massage I fill my body needs that after so many days of work.

World Champion

The World Champion

Day 16

I slept until 9am that was nice, relaxed I and Gert went down to take breakfast just sitting down and eat for 1 hour that was something. I told myself yesterday if I wake up early I will go to the shoot off but no I did not go and even the RM and many of the RO did not go, so I just wait for the result.Tonight we have to go for the awarding dinner at the head quarter hotel Katika. We arrive 5:30pm back of the hotel on the beach where they have make big round table and lots of buffet it was very nice, they also make a big stage for the awarding and dance, when we arrive it was just before the sunset and it was beautiful to wash the sun go down, and after we start eating. Then it was time for the awarding and no surprise it was Eric Grauffel in Open, but this time Saul Kirsch bet him in the final of shoot off and I talk to Saul he was happy about that.

1 Eric Grauffel FRA 100.00%
2 K.C. Eusebio USA 94.86%
3 Max Michel Jr. USA 94.12%

In Production Adam Tyc did a good speed:

1 Adam Tyc CZE 100.00%
2 Matt Mink USA 94.62%
3 Bob Vogel USA 94.47%

In Standard dominant USA total:

1 Travis Tomasie USA 100.00%
2 Blake J. Miguez USA 98.78%
3 Shannon Smith USA 98.14%

It was a nice evening on the beach, I went home around 10:30pm, and tomorrow me and gert will go around and see more of Bali before we will return back to Denmark on Wednesday

Adam Tyc

World Champion in production


Travis Tomasie

World Champion in standard


Gert ready to take of

Bali had really good food

Two big and one small

Geir Owe and Gunnar Roos wa sshooting the main match

Bali had many motorcycles

coffee maker

coffee drinker

cocoa tree

Bali had so many different fruits and spices

my way up to monkeys

sexy boy

night dance with the monkey man

I also met an eagle on my way

chicken transport

rice fields

Here is an older man who works in the rice fields, he had made ​​a hat of banana leaves

from the opening ceremony

Team philippines

am ready to work

danish shooter

me ready to shoot prematch

am looking good

James Venmore

James Venmore was my area CRO and did a very nice job.

Athena Lee

Even Eric Grauffel think it was hot

U.S. national standard team

I was lucky to meet and work for the U.S. national standard team include, from left Travis Tomasie, Manny Bragg, Me, Taran Butler and Shannon Smith.

Michael Voigt

My stage

My stage crew


Buffet on the beach and ready for prize ceremony

first a dance

Winner in modified shoot off Michael Voigt

World Champion in Open Eric Grauffel

Team Philippines silver

Modified Gold

Michael Voigt, Jo Jo Vidanes, James Ong and Barry Dueck

the good philipino iroa crew

Hans and the ipsc presidents

World Champion in standard

sunset over bali