This Rooster Mountain was my first Rooster ever to only shoot the match and not work the match, and that was very big moment for me, and I must say it was great shooting this match and not work on it.

Again this year Ass RM Claus Henneberg and MD per Bressendorf, came out with some fantastic and great challenge 18 stages, shot over 2 days, with around 330 rounds.

Mikael Ostling here on a good stage where I Fu... up


There was some very difficult stage and many of the stage with lot of option, close up target, target in medium and long distance , some target with a very little A zone, lot of running, that’s what I like the stages to be on a match.

Those days here in Denmark did we have lots of rain, so we was afraid but the rain came when we shot the last shot on the last stage on Saturday, and no rain on Sunday so that was perfect

Sasja Barentsen shooting steel


They also put up 24 very small 15 x 15 plates and some popper, but sad to say Denmark have a serious steel set up problem, not only in Rooster but looking back on the Nordic Riffle match we had also again this year big problem with plates.
Well I think we just have to work on that again.

Squad 8


And on the right site Ass RM Claus Henneberg and RM Rainer Stettnisch

I was in squad 8 together with Ralf K. Jensen, Saul Kirsch, Eli Huttner, Mikael Østling, Even Skaare, Peter Schieck, Søren Larsen, Sasja Barentsen and some other good shooter.
That was a big experience for me, to go with the top shooter and see how they prepare and shoot the stage, that gives me something to think about, I just be on one of Ralf Jensen´s shooting courses, that’s gives me a lot, but lots more to learn, but every time I shoot with Ralf he gives me something to work on

Peter Schieck


 Here ready to go, with the IROA Petteri Aro from Finland

Peter Schieck who shoot open now and few month ago got a new beauty milk cow race gun, and see how Peter is doing now in open its nice to see he is getting better and better now, and finish third and only % after Saul who is one of the world´s top shooter in Open



Søren Larsen and I was counting how many miss we could get on this match and that’s came out to be a lot, I really don’t know what happened to Søren this time, and as for me, well I started out with AMO problem, on our first stage and my first shot It seems to be les powder in my GECO ammo, so I had to rack the slate and then it works, but again on our second stage, I shoot 2 popper and one target then problem again, it cost me lot of second, so after that stage I change ammo, and after that no problem.
But after two stages and I lost my focus I lots this match to my dear friend Gert Hansen who also shooting standard and also in Senior, Gert is shooting very good this time, and if he can focus he will be in top 10 in the next upcoming world shoot if not in top 5, I wish Gert all the best in the next world shoot.

Saul Kirsch


Try to find out how to shoot stage 8

We had to shoot 9 stages on Saturday and 9 on Sunday
Our quad started on the 300 meter range all the way down to stage 8 a long course with 14 target and 2 popper, the first stage with lot of option, here you could chooseto take the two popper from around 30 meter, and some target, or you could run down and take the popper from 10 meters, some did run all the way, most took them from the distance.
This stage was one of my favorite stages, but it´s was also that stage where I got my first ammo problem.
After that we had to walk all the way to stage 1 the “hole”  many shooter there have been in rooster know that is a bid of a walk.
Again a long course with 2 poppers and 15 targets, also here you have option, but Ralf took me to the site and told me how to shoot this stage, it was good, but still I like to see how the time will be if Ralf would shoot the stage in the way I was thinking to shoot it.
This was also the stage where I got my second ammo problem.

Stage 9 the bridge


Well as I told this match had lots of very nice challenge stages, the stages I like most was stage 1, 8, 9, 16 no no wait I like all the stages they were great stages, but if I have to point out one ore two stages, that must be stage 8 and then stage 9 I really like that stage, start unloaded, then you have to shot one target, before eater shot 2 target when you have to go down on you knee, ore go up the stairs and take them over the wall, then another 3 targets from the bridge shooting down, go straight on the bridge , and option here to take 3 target and 2 poppers, ore like the most shooter did only 2 target, make a reload go to the left site and take 2 target and 2 poppers, run left and jump down still of stepping down on 4-5 steps and finish with 2 full size target and one ½ target.

Lenka Horejsi


Came all the way from Czech Republic and here ready to shoot stage 9 and was third overall in Open

My own preformance

My own preformance on this match was as I said, not just the best I have presented.
I ended up at 56.40% and as senior, I ended up at 80.34%


Evan Skaare

Evan Skaare change magazine

Peter Schieck

Peter Schieck won second place in Open of the Danish Championship


Thank you to my sponsor ICARUS SHIRTS the best ipsc shirt


Elli Huttner


Ready for the Cooper Tunnel

lunch break

Sasja Barentsen on the run

Eli Huttner

Eli tells Saul, did you see how he shot that stage, I will try that

Thomas Andersen here I come

Heels on the line

Robert Larsen is ready with the bib on Saul Kirsch

fly fly

We have sometimes glider over the range, the we can not shoot 

Big bang revolver

Henrik F Nielsen is ready to rock

stong and weak hand stage

Bo Stampe Madsen is ready on strong& weak hand stage with RO Tim Andersen

Ralf Jensen

Ralf ready on stage 9, very nice stage

Mr President

Well deserved victory to my good friend Gert Hansen, senior

Production winner

 From left Evan Skaare, Rasmus Gyllenberg og Lars Hagemann

Open winner

Saul Kirsch from DAA won in Open here together with Range Master Rainer Stettnisch

Danish Championship in open

The winner of the Danish Championship Eli Huttner

The golden smile

The golden smile and the winner of the Danish Championshipon from left Rene Mortensen, Bo Stambe and Henrik Linberg