My good IROA friend from Denmark Gert "Bossman" Hansen

Eric Grauffel

In STI Open 2007 was my first big job as IROA and my first job to work with the 3 times World Champion Eric Grauffel. Eric is somethink you much see shooting, ulala.

Eric Grauffel

Jerry and Kay Miculek

My first meet with Jerry Miculek and his wife Sharon Kay Miculek. From the first European Championship in Rifle level 4 match in Norway 200

Jerry Miculek

CZ Team

Here im together with the world champion in production Adam Tyc and his team fro CZ, in the Philippines for the AA3 Gun where Adam was the winner in Production.

Travis Tomasie and Me

From Ghotenborg Open 2012

Check the wall of fame

RO Certificate

This is the certificate when I did a IROA level II Seminar, in the Philippines

Rifle Certificate

This rifle certificate did I get when I was in Manila, and participated in Rifle and shotgun seminar

Shotgun Certificate

This shotgun certificate did I get when I was in Manila, and participated in Rifle and shotgun seminar


July 2002 did i became an NROI 

NROI Denmark


May 29 2007 was the big day for me. I got the message from IROA I now a member of IROA . im now á gray man, i have been working for that the last 3 years.

I will like to say thanks to Barry Pollard, Geir Owe, Jim Gibney for helping the way, but a special thanks goes to Anders Buchwald he help me a lot, he brought me for the first time to Philipsburg 2 years ago in 2005 and then he took the time of the job again last year and brought me to Quickborn, so Anders have been a big help for me, he teach me how to run a stage always have a clean stage, that’s what shooter like, they like to come to a clean and nice stage, he teach me so many thinks, thanks Anders and for all the other people there have been helping the way.



Try to get a overlay with center dot, so you can more easy place the overlay over the center of the bullet hole.

DQ & Warning Procedural-Warning-Reshoot