( At this date I won 4 IPSC President Medals In Senior division )



27 - TEAM ALPHA Anniversary Shoot - Armscor - Philippines - 17th place overall and 5th place in Single stack Senior

21PSMOC level III 1st CHIEF PNP INTERNATIONAL BENELLI CUP 2017 at Armscor Shooting Range in Marikina - 17th place overall and 1st place in Senior Limited 10


30 - 48th Years Anniversary Shoot, PPSA Level I ipsc match - La Paz iloilo  - Philippines - 13th place overall and 2nd in classic senior

23 - 60 Years Anniversary Shoot - PSMOC Level I - Santa Barbara Iloilo - Philippines - Champion in Single Stack and 10th place overall


5-6 - Rooster Mountain - Level III IPSC - Denmark -96th place overall in standard division.

(I started the match in classic 9mm, safety broke down and I switched to classic 45 but scored in minors. The crono the dustcover was to long and I got bomb into standard 9mm division and was close to getting bombed in open when I had my Magazine in front pocket, so not my match, I lost my 2 place in the classic senior Danish championship )


16 - CPS Mini match - Copenhagen - Denmark - 3th place in classic and 2th place in Senior 

2 - SweDenCup 7 - Copenhagen - Denmark - 4th place overall and 2th place in Classic Senior


17-18 - Cops Cup Gothenburg Open 2017 - Sweden - 10th place in Standard Senior and 59th place overall.


30 - SweDenCup 3, Rooster Mountain - Denmark - 2nd place in Standard Senior and 12th place overall

9 - SwedenCup  2 Kullen - 26st place in Standard and 6st place in Standard Senior


26 - SweDenCup I - Malmø - Sweden - 6th place in Standard Senior division and 24th place overall

12 - CPS Mini Match Level II - Denmark - 7th place in Standard and 2nd place in Senior