Me on the move, they always have some one going around taking nice pickture

Nice stage, but we have to run around from one area to another area, because stage number was mixed up

Vince Pinto , Georges Theriault  and Joel Dix

Vince Pinto explain me about my stage

The funny NROI from Malaysia David Lim

Tim Andersen with his Open Can Gun

JoJo Vidanes

The VIP grup with the Match Director Rico Puno

The restaurant where I cook some Goat

The restaurant for RO

My good friend Rey B. Ganaban

Crono area

Magazine are not back of hipbone, Miko say no am only 6 years old :0)

The two photographers

A policeman shot single stack

Another VIP group :0)

Peter Schouwink and me waiting for some shot gun shooter

Thats how to dress up

Peter what are you looking at

The nice laidy shooter from Sri Lanka

Miko gotta have something to drink before he will shoot

Kenneth Ray Augustin waiting for his turn

Tim Andersen thinks will there be any food comming

There were many good things here

Our nice hotel

Ready for the awarding night

Georges Theriault make a new steps

Miko gets its first President's Medal for being the youngest shooter in the world 6 years

 ( full storry of MIKO here )

The two President's Dino and Nick gives the tree Range Master their Presidens Medals

Rico Papa is smiles

Grace Tamayo gets he price

Adam Tyc got his Presidents Medals

Rico Papa got his President´s Medals and a Silver Medals

Mary Grace Tan and he boy friend hihi :0)

Lots of price to the shooter from Sri Lanka here in rifle

Final Match Report

The Report day by day you will fine this in the end of this article

Well now that the match “IS ON THE WAY” is over, it's time to look back a little and see what kind of match it was , umm I do not know where to begin.

This report is a report seen from almost all the IROA and NROIs eyes not only me I just write it down.
Well throughout the match went wrong already when they select committee to settle AA3GUN and Chief PNP Cup
The first was the breakfast at the hotel, really bad the first day we could only get 1 cup of coffee number 2 should we pay for, that was the start of all the thinks there blow us up.
Next morning and the following, we begged for fruit, etc., and we mention it for MD is we got the answer out of 1000 times the ITS ON THE WAY. But no, it never came; very bad breakfast is the most important thing for a RO.

Opening ceremony was a huge joke a little food and snacks was not ceremony like what we are use to in level IV and V.
Then we was ready to work, on the range, but we had to wait as 1 ½ hours before coming target etc, it’s on the Way.
Score Sheet, and the stage number did not fit together, they told us it will be ok doing main match, and George Thériault and Adrie de Bot, the 2 area CRO were out and check the day before the main match, and was now running after the plan, but no no same shit, Stage number did not fit, so stage were scattered all over, so shooters to go from one end of the range to the other and back again.
None equipment sheet in case of a DQ There was shooter who got DQ but still continues shooting, we discovered that and they were then taken their ID cards.
Throughout the match we only got water for the RO, no snacks, sometimes a little late in the end off the day and it is just not good enough, I had a breakdown one day because of no snacks its nonsense, we should have fruit and juice, but again “it´s on the way” but we never got it, we ask for coffee but they could not afford to give us, it is not good enough.
One day I was Ro at the rifle range, we had to wait 2 hours to get water, the stage we had to change since the plate was up to 300 meters and it is too much especially to the police who did not have any practice , so I had move them into just under 200 meters, still far, we was also promised motorcycles to ride out and patch, etc., never came, the first 2 days they had to also wait for the target, they were not snacks and juice, and when the rain came, it was up to the knee total was on rifle range was below standard, I think if there were more 100-150 rifle shooters so the match had not finished yet.
Shotgun range which was straight up handgun range was the same like handgun, same treatment to the RO , but there was so small amount of shooters so one day I was there on stage 6, we had 26 shooters and was finished at 12 noon but was there for at 2pm case if more shooter turn up, the second day I was there I was on stage with Peter Schouwink we waited 1 ½ -2 hours before we got shooters, and again 1 ½ hours before we got shooter again and the end of the day we had 27 shooters, so you become very quick tired.
Chief PNP Cup was something for themselves, which should really have blinkers on if you do not have DQ 80% of police shi... they need much training and the local Ro and of course all ro don’t judge the Philipino way but the ipsc rules way. I can hardly go into it all the detail here you have to be there.
The man who handles the RO´s did not much, came up in the morning and went back to the hotel before the match was over, did not see him on the shotgun stage, an otherwise good man but had enough other things to think about I think.
The one MD had a excuse for all this happened which he thought we
 believe, that was because we had the typhoon, yes I know it was a disaster and I certainly sympathize with the people who have suffered from these storms, but it cannot be used as an excuse for this match and not “it´s on the way”, there is just not good enough, as above, he promised that there were new IROA jerseys to us, but after a day's work in the so-called new jersey´s same shit, so a conversation with the 2 presidents I think that there will be brand new rules of engagement that I hope.
Normally held an RO overnight but it was only because of Greg Moon birthday and a big hand to Greg for making the RO night, thanks, unfortunately I was not there I was sick and slept 15 hours straight.

Then they try to take some of our allowance we was suppose to get for 12 days but we got only for 8 days, later we got for one more days, they served us food on the opening and the closing ceremony that was 2 days umm. Even the Dep RM told the MD he already crew the match up so he should pay us but no.
And even now where the results are out it´s also screw up nobody can find out where the right result are and how to look on the result on the right way.

And then just one thing that we Do not understand
Match as we volunteered ourselves to served a Level 4 match and we get 4 points for nothing wrong here, but we start out with the Chief PNP Cup for the police which is a separate level 3 matches and we've discovered various MD, RM and State we can see that on the ipsc.org and where IROA inserts his points. Why don’t we 3 points for that?

This is probably a match that will go down in history as the worst match looking from an RO's eye
And as I agree with the President who I had a little chat with, when the match is running it does not matter what we think as long we just can see smiles on the shooters face and they are happy it is the most important thing and we should take our problem up after the match, and I will leave it to those who have meaning in that. And most shooters were happy.

Finally, I want to say thanks to

Deputy Range Master Joel Dix you did a great job on the rifle range and you did not have an easy range, but you were there and you did it. And you were a great support to me.

Georges Thériault and Adrie de Bot in 2 guys are just wonderful without you I don’t know what would happen.

Tim Andersen you helped on rifle range and Awarding, well done and without point hihi.

David Lim from Malaysia NROI Atlantis is calling you are my lovely boy hope to see you next year.

Peter Schouwink and Markos in teach me a lot about shotgun thanks.

Stats Jayne Moon It´s always nice to have you around and you care about me thanks, send me more information about stats, the front page for the envelope :0))

Adnaan Jacobs, thanks for your great support during my mother's death you took care of me in some difficult days and it helped it, you must have a big thanks.

And the for the whole squad on the pre- match I really enjoin shooting with you, I will make my trigger for the next match :0))

 Last but not least I don’t mean to be ruin about this I really like to served as Ro in the Philippines and I hope I can come back, and I believe this was just a onetime match, all other match here there are normal no problem, but thanks for the experience, now I know what to look at when I will do a match :0))

So until next time kip what you are use to do make good match.

goodbye Denamark

Saturday October 10

I left Copenhagen October 1 for the Philippines with one stop in Bangkok, and good for that, when I arrive after almost 10 hours flight it was time for my 1 hour`s Thaimassage, nice relaxing. After 3 hours waiting for my flight I check in at the gate, but a woman told me to go down and meet the police and told people, they had to check my baggage the one with the ammo not the one with the gun its already on the plane, then I had to bring it with me on the bus to the airplane, give it to the one person to bring it together with the other baggage, In Manila another person meet me at the gate to escort me all the way to the told, where they check my gun, everything was OK I have all the paper so no problem and the police invited me for a small level I match at the airforce range, the day after, but I did not go to much rain and I slept for 12 hours.

I Left Manila going to Angeles

October 13

left yesterday from Pasay Manila to Clark Angeles, bus drive around 2½ hour, it took almost 3 hours because I have to change bus the air con did not work, the way up to Angeles, show some of the places there have been affected by the typhoon still lots of water around. But final I arrive in New Grand Lewis hotel a new hotel only 1 years old, and what a hotel, the best I have stay on here in the Philippines so far, after check in and a little talk to some of the RO the IROA guys adrie and Peter and his wife, we went to a Italian restaurant not so far from the hotel, very nice food and also the price when I use to see the price in Manila here is double up the price, but the food is also much better, after dinner a little trip down town :0)).

First dasy on the range

October 14

Today I wake up 7:30am got the breakfast and 9am we took the bus to the range to check out the stage, and IPSC President Nick Alexakos and IROA President Dino Evangelinos, Range master Vince Pinto, was along and some change have to make and hopeful we are ready to rock tomorrow 3 days premach 4 days match for the chef PNP Cup this is the first part of the match after that the AA3GUN will start. I will been shooting the prematch and on the 17th  I will be working in Tarlac around 1½ hours from the hotel at the rifle range and on the 18th  on the shotgun stage together with Dave Goddard, around 1 pm we was back at the hotel and tonight there will be the RO briefing.

Day 1 off the pre-match

October 15

The Police squad listing to the briefing

I wake up 4am and thought I did close the air-conditioner before I sleep, I did it was the sound of rain and it rain like crazy, I fall in sleep again and wake up 5am still raining and I thought it will be a very bad day on the range. This is the first day of my prematch. When we arrive on the range 6:45am still rain, we have to put target up and get ready to rock 8am but but. We have to wait until pass 8am before getting target and all other equipment for all the stage, for a level 3 ore 4 match that much not happened but when it’s come to level 4 match everything just have to work perfect but until now it just not happened here, I hope for the main match AA3GUN it will run much better than today, but after 1 hours after the first bib its run´s very well. This pre-match cover also the Chef PNB Cup so the whole range was full of police, and that’s was a experience for us as IROA from outside Philippines to see how the police here handling and shooting with guns, some was very good other ummm. Lots of them don’t have enough practice, I have to tell one of them after he got a DQ for finger in trigger and sweeping in the same time, his gun was rusty and dry and he has to handle the gun like that like that. One lady had a squib load, a bullet stock in the barrel, so I try to help her , and send her down to Chrono stage. Well some part of the range was very muddy and you had 1 kg off mud under your shoe, stage is ok the first 3 stage I shot I got already 6 miss so I thought this will be a bad day but it turn out very nice on the last 6 stage for today, so I’m happy.

The super squad

October 16

My birthday, thanks to all the people who send me regards on Facebook.

Today’s weather was very nice but hot. Arrive on the stage 7am and start shooting around 8:30am and this day at the beginning no Range master, he came later on so we just start up anyway the DP RM was there so there was no big problem. The first stage today was stage 2, 6 target and 4 popper, little slow but no miss so it was a good start, I shoot ok today only one miss so I was happy. We just finish the last 7 stage, and the last 32 round stage was a good one also so it turn out well, I talk to Tim Andersen the RD from Denmark he was also happy about his shooting concerning his scope broke down yesterday so he have to catch up with some extra stage today.The lady I try to help yesterday came and complained I lost he slide release and I try to explain but she would not believe me so I had to pay her 1500 peso, and like I told the ipsc president and the Range Master don’t help the police here that will cost you and they just laugh big time :0)) Well after the match we went first to hotel Vida to pick up our goody bag which was a nice range bag after that back to the our hotel, and 6:30 RO briefing. for tomorrow shotgun and rifle stage. I will be working on the rifle stage 45 min from hotel, so the bus is leaving 6am, after the briefing back to Vida to change our IROA shirt, then it was time for the daily massage.

Me on the move

Tim Andersen

Is lucky he did not get a proc, ( cola )


3 the pre-match of Rifle and shotgun

October 17 Day

I was working on the rifle match today, so bus leave 6am, first we have to go and pick up box and score sheet on Clark eagle the range where the handgun and shotgun match are, we have to wait for half hours for our things before we went to Tarlac 1 hours drive to the rifle range. When we arrive we have to work out about where are the stage which score sheet is the correctly for the correct stage it was a mess, then it took us long time to fix the stage, we have to move many of the steel closer than 300 meter, the people down here can not shoot in that distance, the first shoot supposed to be 8pm we did not start before 11:15am, then it was very very hot on the range, we wait for almost 1½ hours before we got water. Well the match start up and I was CRO for 3 stage, stage 4 -16 rounds stage 5 -14 rounds and 4 and 5 together was the long course 30 rounds 13 plate, 1 popper and 8 target, the police here in the Philippines don’t have any practice so they use lot´s of ammo and the time was between 3 and 4 minutes. Then we have to stop 5:30pm then it was dark so no more shooting. I will say I try many rifle match this one here is the worst, when it’s coming to the stage design. some of the crew, and the supply to the Range Officer.

Saturday October 18 Day 4 of the pre-match of Rifle and shotgun

The CZ Team


I slept long time today, I wake up 8:30 got some breakfast, and then me, Bern from Germany, Dave Goddard from UK, Adria, Peter and his wife from Nederland rent a wan and drive long way up pass by Subic and up to Zambales 3 hours drive, where we have to stop we want to go and se Pinatubo but the road is close after the typhoon, so we stop and eat our lunch, the restaurant was close, so we ask the owner to open and cook, he find a goat in his backyard, slaughter the goat and cook it, then we got a nice lunch. We went back to the hotel around 5pm got ready for the opening ceremony, not special we was waiting for the RM to talk about tomorrow and the next 4 day but no, we just wait and see what happened, after a catastrophe off a pre-match I’m thinking here of the organization ore sorry there is no organization ore, ohyaa ITS ON THE WAY. The CZ Team came, the nice team from Sri lanka there was not many but few shooter turn up, nice to see old and new shooter. 


The way going to Subic and Pinaturbo



The cook

On our way we stop for a break in a close restaurant, but the guy open up, and I cook some food :0)

The first day of the main match

Day 6

And what is going on here, well when we arrive on the range, and they told us yesterday now the stage is in right order so the shooter don’t have to walk from one area to the other area all the time, they can shoot one area first then the other area, but no no same shit happened again so all the shooter walk around, well now we are use to all the fuckup so way not continue with this, so first shoot 8am, I was not the cro on the stage I thing in this match they let the Pilipino RO be the CRO bad idea but ok. The shooter is in squad and here they are not use to that they just walk around and shoot the stage the like to shoot first, so 10 minute to 8am 2 shooter come and ask if they can shoot I told they have to wait but the cro let them shoot because rest of the squad was not here, and 8am the remaining squad came as I told before well what can I do. We got one DQ on our stage breaking 180, and we finish around 4pm and we did 8 squad, the Shotgun stage was finish early not so many shooter 1 squad have only one shooter so they finish 11:30am, rifle I did not know how that went.Another thinks is we was supposed to change our IROA uniform and I bring lots of the shirt to change I got new one and you know what, it’s still the same shirt as we got in the first place, its discolored and its very annoyed. You look like sh... When you work.Ore before I finish this report, don’t get me wrong it’s still a nice place here and I’m happy to some of the shooter again here in the Philippines, and I’m here for the shooter and they are happy so I’m I.

DAy 7

Second day of the main match

Well my daughter surprise yesterday and turn up here at the hotel, nice I have not see he for one week now, so I was happy when she turn up. Today it start very well in the hotel they run out of breakfast umm good start, we arrive on the range and nothing to do until the first squad 8am, lots of problem in our stage, special with on guy who told me I’m the boss here and I do not go and speech with the area cro, well I do my job and I explain and the area cro told me I was right, well again today we did not get anything to eat, so in lunchtime I just broke down, they have to bring me back to the hotel I don’t fill well, hope it will better tomorrow. I told them they have to give us fruit and juice in this weather they have to treat with respect and not like this.

Day 8

Papa Rico is loading his shotgun 

Third of the main match

I was was move to shotgun stage today, is good I got problem with one RO on the handgun stage and after yesterday I still fill sick so for me it’s ok, I work on stage 6 - 12 round buckshot stage I was together with IROA Robby from Indonesia and NROI Markos from Greece who told me many thinks about shotgun he was really good to explain about that, the stage today was a easy stage not much to do we had 26 shooter so we finish 12 noon we wait until 2pm just in case some shooter will turn up, but nobody came, so I got time to walk around the handgun stage and took some picture, I run in to a 6 years old boy Mico who shoot a 45 cal. Single stack handgun he must be the youngest ipsc shooter today, his gun handling was perfect, I also got time to talk to Adam and Martin from Czech, I left the range and was back at the hotel 3pm, some of us went to SM city to eat, then home and rest, ready for the last day tomorrow. Today I talk to the Deputy Range Master Joel Dix, Joel is on the rifle range and that place and the facilities for the RO is just unbelievable, they promising motorcycle, they have to walk, they also have to wait for water, food and so on, I was asking to work out there but no thanks, even in our place handgun and shotgun range we don’t have any snack, juice I still think it was better to stay here than in the rifle range.

Day 9

6 years old Mico and his 45 cal single stack

( full storry of MIKO here )

Fourth day of the main match

Again on shotgun stage today I work with a good friend from Nederland Peter Schouwink, Peter told me also many good things about shotgun, today we had 27 shooter, but we have to wait sometimes more than 2 hours before shooter turn up, some shooter went back to shoot the rifle stage finish the back to shotgun range its about 1 hour away, so we finish around 3pm. Today I talk to Nick and Dino about the IROA shirt and I think now we have to use my friend in manila to do the shirt, because we was promising new shirt for this match, so I bring all my old one, and for some friend also, after one day in the new one we discoverer the shirt is still from the old stock , so we are some there got angry about that, so I talk to Nick and Dino about it and hopeful we will get new stock and new quality of the shirt.

The shotgun team from Bacolod

Day 10

The team from Sri Lanka

I should have been to Greg Moons birthday party last night, he host the RO night and he did that himself, so big thanks to Greg for doing that, but when I went back from the range yesterday I went to bed I want to sleep for 2 hours I felt very sick, I wake up 7:30am this morning, I need that so today I fill little better but still I have cold, My friend from La- Union will come today and stay for 2 night, and I will go back to Manila on the October 26. Tonight we will have the closing ceremony and we just have to wait to see what happening tonight maybe ITS ON THE WAY.

Day 11

Mary Grace Tan and Kennet Ray Agustin my 2 fan

Last night was the awarding ceremony, the bus left around 6pm and we went to a nice place in Clark airbase with a old church Spanish style, some dancer and music did our welcome, and we inter a big place where we had big fresh coconut milk, snack lichon roasted pork and beef, after the show with dancing, we went in to another room where we had buffet, and the awarding ceremony, nothing special , I could see on Nick and Dinos face they was not so happy to give away awarding to competitor there already have left ore never showed up for the price, lots of people already went back to their home. No surprise about the price may be one in open Martin Kaminecek got second place, he had problem with his gun in 2 stages, so first and champion was Jojo Vidanes, lady Mary Grace Tan, Junior Kenneth Ray Agustin, Kenneth who had to do school work between stages, he was very tired on this match I fill very sorry for him when he have to do this things. Standard the winner Jethro T. Dionisio, prod. Adam Tyc and lady Grace Tamayo, Modified Papa Rico and he was lucky because he got a reshoot on my stage and he did the reshoot very good, no I think he would have win anyway:0))he also run with the pm in shotgun and team, papa cannot get enough, and then of course there was the big PM to the RM, dep RM, MD.

Awarding night

Traditional Philippines music

The best IROA award was giving to the Deputy Range Master Rudy Marcelo. Special PM for the youngest shooter the 6 years old Miko Andres who shoot with a cal. 45 single stack. And also yesterday some RO still have to work on the rifle range and they came back just before the bus left the hotel, and I talk to Joel Dix he was tired. This match was the worst match for many of us ever, but more of that later, in that range there was absolute nothing, some Ro just have to pay from there owe money all the call up to the Ro on the range and some have to pay for the food to the boys, the first 2 days there was no target, they have to wait long time, also no water, snack, radio not work, they have to walk far to patch target, no transport, they even have to wait half day before they could start shooting because the farmer next to the range harvest the rice field, so many thinks happened out there, so I could just kip writing, so it´s better to stop here.

Tim Andersen and his Coconut help me please