The  Family team behind Icarus Shirts. From left the ever hardworking Jessica, My boss Diana, Javin, my boss Joseph and me.

Lito Raquiño

I met one of my godfathers who I have not seen in many years so it was great to see him again, also an old friend Lito Raquiño who use to work in Denmark are now back here.

A famous basketball player came " Arwind Santos " from the San Miguel Beermen

Lot´s of ammo here at the gun show, and some very big

The we must not forget the joys, here we are for dinner one out of many good food experiences

Brother Jarvin and sister Jessica behind the exhibition disk

Always nice to see the RD from Japan Mr. Kudo San

On Bolo cup i meet and old good friend Mr. Roland Tan owner of True Weight, and Father to Mary Grace Tan, here with his team mate

I got shock when this little friend came to live :) 

It was so fun, behind Icarus stands, PPSA had their stands, where amongst other things. showed video from different matches, here from World Shoot in Bali and who came up on the screen, me, I was working as RO on the stage 19 :) 

Here I present my new jersey, which is mostly intended for my sponsor Lucas Oil and USPSA matches.


I know I do not look happy out or I'm serious, but I think it is selfie which came a little unexpected, but I was very happy :) 

This week going to be crazy

5 days working at gun show incl. 1 day shooting Bolocup

Thursday July 13 I took of from my home in Cavite, going to SM Megamall, I was pick up by my Grab taxi driver friend Dennis who bring me BSA Building just behind megamall  that will be my home for the next 5 days thanks to Icarus. Just put my bag down change my clothes and off to gun show.

Chief PNP General Ronald "Bato" Dela Rosa.

It started out with an opening ceremony and was opened by my new friend shooting the new Chief PNP General Ronald "Bato" Dela Rosa. He  was approximately 2 hours late because he was in my town Cavite to burn 1,77 billion peso amount of Chabu of which he say i may fill  I'm a little high and I stepped in that chabu so maybe that's part of that on my shoes, but the way he told the story everyone laughing. Well the day was long but good.

Otherwise, my work for Icarus is just to walk around and show Icarus clothes, so I have my uniform on so people can watch a live model, then talk with old and new customers

Those who also came to to visit me was my godfather Ronnie Carlos, my godmother Eden Carlos and one of their sons RJ Carlos. which I was really happy about, i have not seen them for a long time. My godfather was the one who got me to start IPSC and has trained me, and will start to coach me again.


Should I shoot Bolo cup which is a level 3 match, I was supposed to shoot 8 stages on Friday and 7 Saturday, but when the time was 10:30, I had already shot 9 stages so I decided to shoot it all Friday ☺

I borrow a gun from Armscor thanks to Bong Belmes, the gun witch had a black foresight I could not see a damn thing, and could not hit anything, but had fun.

I shot ok but I hope soon I can get a gun like my STI in Denmark, I need also some training I had not shot since April.

Stages is always good here, but again like Chief PNP Cup. 1-2 minutes walk true is just not enough, and many of the RO goes bib after 1-2 sec :) 

But that’s the way here and you have to deal with it ore you don’t go shoot.

I was finish around 3pm went back to the hotel took a shower and then to the gun show for the second day.

Always nice to meet the nice Ro's always ready for a photo with the famous Dane from Facebook, blah. Kudo San CRO at this stage ( right site )

Doing this Gunshow as I told before I meet lot of new friend but also some old friend, on the second day I was so happy to meet up with the best Range Master I know, I work for him at the World Shoot in Bali back in 2008 on left Mr. Chepit Dulay, and Mr. Rosanto  " ROSEY " Sipin Labayog who I know for a long time, the owner of Clark Shooting range where we had the 2009 AustralAsia 3 Gun match also named by " Its on the way " 

And as you can see there were many guns and aslo rifle

Some of the people I meet at the gunshow was my team mate Junny Guadalupe