2013 Swedish Championship in Open and Standard

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icarus shirts

Match conclusion  is end of this page

Here we have team SONOS with Carsten talking to Noarh who came in as number 4 in Standard  Laidy and he boy friend Andreas Danko who won the Production overall, left is Rene and our champ in Rifle Ebbe Wolf who also shoot nice hangun :0) he came in as number 21. SONOS is shooting with ICARUS Shirt

Stage 5

 10 ipsc target and 1 plate, 21 rounds, Starting behind the table, gun loaded no champer load, all magazine on table, hands flat on the marks, on signal engage all target.

Mikael Jung just recive his new shirt from ICARUS Shirt  and it seems that he is very happy.

Johan and Marianne Hansen ready for one of my stage, here stage 5

Norah Josephsen and Peter Schieck

Robert Andersson had not his best match on this years SM, he finish my stage 5 second in standard. 

Some would say bucks to move around in the bus where others could stand straight up :0)

ICARUS SHIRT was presented with several different designs on this match, here with Bjørn from Norway in the white and Gert with classictargets red shirt

Here I am with squad 15
From left Lars Hagemann, John Westgaard, Aleksander Tchernavskij, Christian Ditlev, Lotte Sjoeholm and Jack Roemer

Here Jan Bode is ready on stage 6 with RO Häkan both wearing ICARUS Shirt

Here Lars Syversen from Norway on stage 5

My RO crew on stage 5 and 6, from left Frederic, Häkan, Daniel, me, Timm and Johan

Thank you for a great RO job, you all did a very nice job, and sorry about my red  ass that hurt :0(

Mikael Östling hold your tongue straight in your mouth when you run around the corner, or is he doing a shadow show

Here the West Swedish Dynamics shooter also shooting with ICARUS Shirt

In the Standard division won Rasmus Gyllenberg, second place went to Magnus Johansson ( Left ) and third place went to Mikael Östling.
The funny thing here was that Rasmus and Magnus shoots usually Production but because it was Swedish Championship in Standard they shot this division with their production guns in minor, so you can win a championship of other good shooters who shoot Major: 0)


We left Copenhagen 12 pm and went to Malmø, first stop Scandic hotel to check in, then of to the shooting range ” Spillepengen. We arrive 2 pm and we start shooting 3pm. We was in squad 35 together with Gert Hansen and Mark Weisinger both from Denmark, and 9 others from sweden.

Stage 3

We start on stage 3 the first Tivoli stage out of few :0( a medium course 12 ipsc target, 24 rounds, standing on platform strong hand on marks. First you push the hatch it will trigger 2 swinger then you have a close up target down in front of you, then you have a chance to kick a door that triggers a target, or you can jump through the door triggers 2 swing target, I chose to kick the door and take one swing target from the first window, then jump through the door and take the second swing target then a close up target change magazine take the next 4 target, jump through the last door and take 2 mousetrap, and a target. The problem with this stage is there is to mush to reset and it will take long time, and some of the reset will broke on the main match, so I really hope thy will make it. My time on this stage was 23:61 with 19 A and 5 C

Stage 4

Second stage was number 4 yes another Tivoli stage and again to much to reset and also it could be a bad stage for the RO if the shooter turn back to re engage the two drub turner on left site of the stage. The stage had 12 ipsc target, 24 rounds. On this stage you have a beartrap releases continuously appearing and disappearing 3 target. Lever releases the wall to make 2 target  visible, and Lever C activate 2 drubturner there will stay visible from another position. Technical stage with few good options, but you could very fast fuck it up if you do not just got the target that popped up and down by stepping on bear trap. My time here 26:02 20 A and 3 C and yes 1 miss :0(

Stage 5

Nice to come out on the 50 meter range with stage 5 and 6 here am going to work on Saturday and Sunday. Stage 5 was medium course with 10 ipsc target and one plate, with a puf up target. Gun on the table loaded with no round in the chamber all magazine on table, hands on marks, nice quick stage. my time here 24:02 with 21 A, time was little slow I start to get problem with the sun and target.

Stage 6 was a medium course with 11 ipsc target and two ipsc popper. The two popper activate swinging target.

must of the shooter start on the left site with a close up target, then 2 target one popper in 15 meter, then the swinger, spring to a opening with a half close up target 2 meters to a close target in the second opening and 2 target in 15 meter, change mag. the around the corner 3 target and the last popper.

Nice stage my time 31:27 with18 A and 6 C.


Stage 7 a table start with a unloaded gun mag on table, you have 5 target and 2 plate 12 rounds speed stage. here you have a close up target, then left site one target and one plate and also on the right site on 11 meter. you could also lean over the table and take all this but I choice to take a small step to the left and take one target and one plate, the close up target on the move to the left then a step back to take the other target and one plate, back to the left one target and finish on the right with one target. my time 15:19 and 10 A 1 C and 1 D, this stage i really got problem with the sun I can not see my front sight it cost me some time.

We should have done 8 stage today but because of stage 3 and 4 then we only finish 6 stages.

The last one of today stage 8 with 5 ipsc target and 2 plate and with a unloaded gun. easy stage where I got my second miss because I had a small meeting with the Range master and I came in the squad was finish and I was the last one, only got a few minutes because last shot have to be 8 pm.

Stage 13

On Friday morning we started on the stage 13, we should today complete the final 10 stages today.Stage 13 with 5 IPSC target and 1 IPSC popper and NO shot
Poppers triggers a swinger of 15-20 meters and a target that will disappear and remain hidden in its final position. it was the intention of the target to dissapear, but it turned out that the setup did not work quite as it should and after a long time it was converted to the dissapear target was change to a stationary target instead.

Stage 14

Nexst stage was stage 14 close up to stage 14 was 15, and again some changes have to been made before we can start shooting, it took us from the the first stage, stage 13 to this stage almost 2 hours. stage 14 was simulated a bus with 6 target, 12 rounds, standing with forearms atop a barrel. Hatch on the left site releases a swing up noshot on two target then there was a half target on left site, move in front of the bus to take the last three target. I did it in 12:32 with 4 C.

Stage 15 here with Mark Weisinger

After 15 stage was completed, we were ready to shoot this and it turned out that it was totally fucked up by me. the stage simulated a car with 6 target, when leaned out of the left window there were two target visible, one of the target, there was only one quarter scoring zone visible rest at a target was covered in hardcover, when you pulled the handle disappeared both target and two new target is visible when you leaned out of the right window came a slider with two target and no shoot running when they were on rest the target was partialy visible at their final position.
What I did wrong was that I leaned out of the left window shot the first two target with both hands when I had to pull the handle I did with my weak hand and it looked quite stupid, and it cost me time, it can be seen on the video.
Should we shoot this stage right you should take the slider first then over in the left window to take the first two target and finish with weak hand on the last two. My time was 28:15 with 2 C

Stage 16

Stage 16 final a long course, so we can run, that's what I like best.
15 ipsc target and 2 ipsc poppers. 32 rounds
But it turned out that I also could fuck this stage up.
I forgot a popper that triggered a swinger, and I first found that out first in the end of the stage when you could take swinger before it was released, so here I had to pray that the RO was way behind me because I had to sprinted back fast, it was only the cameraman there was a little startled but was away and out of reach, it turned out that I could just steppe two steps to the right and take the popper but I had not seen that, but thats how is it when you shoot pre match, you don´t always see everything. I also got a miss on a close up target ummmm. but an ok fun stage. my time here was 45:80 with 21 A, 9 C, 1 D, and 1 miss.

Stage 2

Our last stage was stage 2, 6 ipsc target, standing on either left or right of the hanging bridge. It was a good quick stage you should just be able to keep balance on the shaky bridge, but it went fine, no technical difficult stage, it was whether to start from the left or right, I started on the left and my time was 14: 81 with 3 C

To see Faj Tran on the right on the range again meant a lot to me Faj is a really good friend of mine and deserves a big hug every time you meet him, here with Tord Andersson from the A zone.

MD Mats Bäckström getting ready for the awards ceremony

In Production won Andreas Danko Thomsen, second place went to Lars Hagemann and third place went to Jack Romer all three from Denmark, it was now sad that Andreas was not there because it was his first Presidens Medals well done. And in fourth place was Christian Ditlev Jensen also from Denmark, all four are on the Production team for the European Championships in Portugal later this year, so it looks really good.

The conclusion of this amusement match

Those were some very long days with incredibly good weather sun each day with temperatures up to 30 degrees. And it cost me a very red and painful butt :0)
The first day of the main match went according to plan with a 30 minutes ahead of schedule so it was really good, but after lunch progressed plan and we ente up to be nearly two hours behind and this is due mostly because stage 3 there was to much re setting and re building.
Day 2  progressed already 30 minutes after a few squad but we gathered some of the time end of the day.

A total of 277 shooters with 8 DQ. 66 in Open, 162 in standard, 43 in production, 3 in revolver and 3 in classic division. and around 90.000 round was fired.
At my stage I had 4 shooters for long magazines in standard as smoke into the open all shot glock with Glocks own + 2 bottoms that do not fit in the box.
And as I always say and I say again, check your equipment before come to big matches, like can your standard gun be in the box, your magazine for the open division is it 170 mm, and the trigger weight is okay in production, otherwise I will find you out there : 0)

About the stage design shooters were happy and that's the most important
But me personally i still think that stage 3 and 4 was too much amusement stage
And in stage 3 where you have to pull and open ore kicks the door etc etc if that will not work for the whole match you should not use something like that, it can ruin the whole match, and I think it did just a little.
Otherwise the stage very challenging with long and difficult target, a very nice jungle run, a stage with a very fast glider.

I will like to say thanks to MD Mats Bäckström, Range Master Ola Dahlbäck ( Its always nice to wotk for you ), to Stats Madsen, to my crew on stage 5 and 6 you all did a great job, to my pre match squad and last and must important all the shooter you all was really good and behaved yourselves as real shooters should do.