I had never met Mr. Enrile before so it was the first time, and when I came into the room and he saw me, it was likeresepkt we had known each other for several years, a very kind man that I have huge respect for by.

Just before enter the area of Splendido they have this huge welcome sign

The Golf club where we had breakfast every morning doing the match

And we could look down on the parking area where the car one after another just got stuck in the muddy.

Well after this RO fellowship night it was back to the hotel, where it turned out that we had to be very many in each room, and after 2 nights I switched hotel to Tower 1 in the Splendido area and it was a good choice, although I have to pay myself  for my room, but better that than not being able to sleep for snoring etc.


Icarus Shirt was a sponsor of the match and had made match shirt and shirt for RO. Always nice to spend some time with them as they are also my main sponsor. Here am together with my two team mate Juni,  Icarus owner Joseph Li in the back Jarvin, Team mate Eric and his wife, Jessica Li

Me two very good friend Agustin Bullet Morales III and from Cavite police Mr. Bitoy, sorry guys that I could not let you shoot without the signature of the MD hahaha.

I had the pleasure of meeting 6 of my team member

Unfortunately we had 3 DQ on our stage a shooter drop his gun and 2 had Accidental Discharge. and the last one was on Sunday AD and a big hole on the ground.

On this match I meet my old boss Range Master from AustralAsia in Surabaya Mr. Chepit. Always fun and good to be with him.

Team Kalbo Kalbo :) 


I was so lucky that I got a slot to work as RO on this match.

I had tried to borrow a gun for this match, and I got one , but got no one to carry it for me, so I was not able shot this match, which I was very sorry about special on behalf of my sponsor and my team.

I was picked up by my Grab driver friend Dennis on Wednesday afternoon, and it took us a few hours before we got to Splendido in Tagaytay.

Since I had not been informed about where we should meet, only I was told at Splendido, we drove first to the golf club, but there was no one, so we drove to the shooting range, no one there then we was told at the golf club RO hotel was at Alfonso Hotel, I checked in and sat all my luggage, then Denneis drove me back to golf where RO fellows night was to taking place.

In golf club we got buffet and so new and old friends, among others Johnny Daniel who came all the way from Sri Lanka only to work on this match.

Jonny will apply into IROA and has been around the world in a very short time as he should have his 15 points before he can apply, so Jonny was in Surabaya for the Australasia level 4, then in Quickborn in Germany for a level 3 and here in the Philippines, I really take my hat off for Jonny, which a pasion that boy have for his RO job, I hope he will get into IROA.

It is the first time I'm on the shooting range, and oh boy a nice place. It lies deep in a kind of valley, shrouded by high mountains and a lot of trees, almost like a jungle, missing just the sound of screaming monkeys

Thursday was it the first day and it should, according to rules be the pre-match for RO, and Sponsor, but since we are in the Philippines, anything can happen, so we had a also Walk in shooter too. :) 

That was the first day of the first 3 days when the rain came in large quantities, good I'd remember my rain gear.

I was CRO on the stage 10 which was a medium course with 11 IPSC target, 1 IPSC mini popper, 1 IPSC metal plate and 4 No shoot, all shooting true ports/ Windows

It rained so much so I was little worried about our stage it was quite muddy and very slippery, but we manage it , and its was not about who could shoot the stage fast, but if you could stay on your feet, lucky that no one fell.

The match went very well, there was almost about 500 shooters who signed up for this match and it looked like everyone had fun, although some did not reach Crone stage so they came to shoot the match for fun, their overall score did not count because they failed not to attend the crone stage.

I will never forget Mr. Enrile a man with a great personality.

Saturday night was the RO night also at  the golf club and it was the night where the Jack Henry Lee aka Jack Enrile came.

When we arrive we got a bag with Corn beef from his factory.

I had never met Mr. Enrile before so it was the first time, and when I came into the room and he saw me, it was likeresepkt we had known each other for several years, a very kind man that I have huge respect for by.

And he did a speech to all the Ro, and a clear message to all who like to stay in PPSA his speech was also how PPSA was formed and what he wants with PPSA which is his baby.

He also welcome me and Jonny for this match.

And then there was a lottery where you could win from waterproof bag which I won to Ipad, Iwatch, refrigerator, 3 gun etc. And after it was over there was extra lottery from Mr. Enrile he had 2 of his personal knives he gave away.

I will never forget Mr. Enrile a man with a great personality.


Sunday was the last day,

Started again with breakfast food at the Glof club, but we had to wait until the church mass was over before breakfast.

I hade today my two Putaa team mate from Team Icarus Eric Antonio and Juni Buddy Boy Guadalupe

We finished at 2:30 pm and I was picked up by Dennis at 4pm and was late home for a good night's sleep.

Thank you all for a great wet and muddy match, thanks to Range Master Rudy Marcelo, MD Normal Doromal, PPSA, Sponsor, Shooter and to all the RO, helpers.

I would like to thank all my RO and helper on stage 10. You did a great great job, which am greatly thankful for, I wish I could get to work with you again. 1000 thank´s