Icarus Shirt was sponsor for the first time at Rooster and when am a part of icarus, I was very pround of that.

As a ambassador of icarus Shirt in Scandinavia and Europe I took good care of the icarus shop, and I had my team mate from Team Icarus Shirt Faj Tran to help me. And this year we had a display of our Sponsor Ernie Hill/ Guga Ribas Holster, Rangebag etc etc. 

Thank you to Britta Kobler for the photo

The RO Crew

Faj Tran on stage 1

RO Report

Then it was time for the biggest match in Denmark Rooster Mountain.
Rooster Mountain and the whole team is now known for making some of the best stage in Europe, and they did it again this year to.

19 stages where two of them were associated with hot range.
It was 19 challenges stages, many of them with many different ways to shoot it, including the stage, I had to work on, stage 1 it was shot course 23 rounds but you should shoot it many ways.

But before the main match I had to finish two-day pre-match Thursday and Friday

I have trained very hard  up to this match, and special  my dry firing about 30 minutes each day for the last 14 days up to this match, so I had a great expectation for myself.

We meet Thursday morning at 7:00 for breakfast and first shot at. 09:00
Our squad started the stage 7:01 24 shots the stage with 11 IPSC targets 1 IPSC popper and 1 IPSC metal plate, a challenging stage where you had to go down and up and down, so there was a glider with 2 targets, here were some opportunities because when you took the popper you had to wait for the glider to come, so you could choose to take a plate first and then the glider, but it turned out that it was better to take the popper then  two targets right site then the glider and finish with the plate, I took popper, plate and glider, missed a shot, so I had to run to the left, pulling the rope then there was a wooden board that fell in front of the glider, and repair my shots, it cost me time. :(

Stage 3

One of the most constructed stage was stage 3, 32 shots where you stood with a pole in one hand and on the bib  place the pole in a hole on a table, and then a wooden board fell down as a bridge to run over. fun stage to shoot

My own performance was ok , I had a couple of stage I threw away among others stage 13 on the 300 meter  where a popper just would not go down. I finish 50 place overall and 12 place in Senior